Copper and Aluminum Enameld Wire

Copper and Aluminum Enameld Wire

Super Enameled wire (Copper & Aluminum)
We are pioneer manufacturers of super enameled wires (Copper and Aluminum) which conforming to international specification and customer specification.
Enameled wires conforming to international standards and customers specifications are used for the winding of electrical machines such as heavy-duty motors and hermetic motors hand tools L.T & H.t coils and oil filled induction coils, Generators, Transformers, Lifting magnets ets.
Product specification:
We are producing enameled round copper and aluminum wire as per below specifications:
IEC60317-0-1: Specification for particular type of winding Copper wire.
IEC60317-0-3: General requirements – Enameled round aluminum wire.
IEC60851 (All parts): Winding wire Test Method.
IEC60264 (All parts): Packing of winding wire.

Enameled wire packing:
Enameled wire packing on different types of spools (cylindrical or conical) as per IEC60-264 and as per customer requirement.
Finally, spool is covered with plastic and strong carton paper to protect wire against any damage.